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Keeping in the know with Scala & Functional Programming podcasts

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When looking to learn and stay up to date on all things functional programming why not make use of podcasts. They are a great method to use on the go and are often more of a gentle learn than trying to burn yourself out taking in a lot of information at one time. Podcasts can also include interviews with those who are active within the community which allows you to hear other amazing stories from other peoples about their journeys and opinions.

There are many options when it comes to podcasts from different topics within your interest to varying lengths suiting your schedule, check out a few great ones below and let us know what you think!


International Conference on Functional Programming 2017

The ICFP was in September 2017 which gave an opportunity for researchers and developers to discuss and hear talks about the latest principles, design and uses of Functional Programming. Within this series of podcasts you are able to hear each of the talks given on the different topics.


Thoughts on Functional Programming Podcast by Eric Normand

Eric Normand is Functional Programming Speaker who also has this great podcast where you can learn about topics of Functional Programming ideas, skills, patterns, and news.


Functional Geekery

Functional Geekery is another great podcast which talks on Functional Programming across multiple languages. There are various episodes with different guests from across the community such as Brian Troutwine and Scott Nimrod.



LambdaCast is a podcast about functional programming for working developers. Their focus is to describe concepts using clear everyday language which makes it easier for a beginner to understand without taking away great content.


The Haskell Cast

The Haskell Cast is great for staying in the know on news, libraries and all things Haskell with the array of guest speakers they feature.


Do you have a favourite podcast? Let us know below!