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A bustling life in Budapest

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One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Budapest has a lot to offer and although it might have not been your first thought when relocating we can be sure it will not be one you regret! The capital of Hungary, Budapest is filled with stunning buildings which all have a great history behind them meaning you could spend all day and more discovering new architecture and sights which will leave you in awe. Before you pack your bags we have put together a few points to help you confirm that you made the best decision to head to bustling Budapest. 


Facts about Budapest

  • Second the London Underground, Budapest has the oldest underground transport system in the world. 
  • Another thing the city has to offer beneath the ground is it's secret subterranean world, with a maze of over 200 caverns.
  • The name 'Budapest' has actually come from the two city which sit next to each other of 'Buda' and 'Pest'. They were united into the one city in 1873.
  • Budapest is home to one of the largest music festival in Europe. The Sziget Festival takes place each August for one week where more than 1,000 perforamnces take place. 


Working culture in Budapest

As with many countries it is always of benefit to learn the local language and although in Budapest many often speak English it is great to bridge the gap and make yourself more involved by speaking Hungarian. This will also help you ease into the new life and ensure you don't miss out on any important conversations! 

If you currently work and live in the UK you will find the work life balance in Budapest very similar with employees putting in the extra hours when needed and if it is of benefit to them. This is great if you are not always the first one to rush out of the office and enjoy tidying up the last few tasks before the end of the day, your team will be right beside you doing the same thing. The working day of around 8 hours and 21 entitled annual holiday is also very similar to the UK so it will not be too much of a culture shock in the office. 


Things to do in Budapest

Experience the nightlife of the city and look out for the 'ruin' bars which you will find built in abandoned buildings, with a minimalist approach to décor and setting they have now become a core part of Budapest culture. After experiencing the great nightlife wake yourself up with the amazing variety of coffee houses in the city, Hungarians take coffee seriously and you will definitelyenjoy each and every cup you drink. 

Part of the city's beauty is the picturesque Danube river where you can take a relaxing boat ride on a warm summers evening and really take in all the sights to see as Budapest looks just as stunning at night when it is all lit up as it does in the brightness of the day. If you prefer to keep your feet on land then you will not be at a loss of what to do as the vibrant city always has a local event, concert or festival happening so gather a group of friends and head along, you can be certain to meet new people as it has been said that the locals in Budapest are one of the friendliest in Europe. 


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