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Videos from Scala in the City @ uSwitch

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Scala in the City has a YouTube channel which features videos of our latest talks for the community. This week we feature a short video which gives an overview of our last event at uSwitch, and three talks from this month’s event. 

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A quick overview of Scala in the City- April 26 @ uSwitch 

Luis Ángel Vicente Sánchez, @lvicentesanchez - Big Data Engineer at IHS Markit

On-boarding Scala

Since I started using Scala in late 2011, "Scala is a hard language" is something I have heard very often. And yes, it probably is... if you don't have the right support when you are learning it. As in any learning process, you need space to explore and learn new things; but with a language with so many different ways of achieving the same results, it's easy to get lost.

I have worked at different companies where developers had different levels of expertise. A few of them lived and breathed pure functional programming, but most of them were just starting to use Scala and its ecosystem. In this talk, I would like to share my views and experience when working with teams where most of the members are new to Scala. What can you do to help them learn and write something that is not just a "better Java"? What are the pain points? What can you do to mitigate them? In this highly opinionated talk, I will share my experience and tips on how to help teams that are just starting to use Scala, to progress in their learning path without many bumps on the road.

Bio - Luis is a software engineer with more than 12 years of experience ranging from embedded software development to enterprise web applications. 6 years ago he rediscovered functional programming when he started to learn Scala. Nowadays he tries to spread the love for functional programming at whichever company he is working for. He also enjoys playing board games every now and then, even solo.

Stefano Paluello, @palutz - CTO at Digax Ltd

Blockchain under the hood​

A technical introduction to Blockchain for the not (so) technically minded. Given the noise around the word Blockchain the aim of this talk is to clarify the main concepts and applications of Blockchain. There will be no talk of "Lambo" here.

Bio - Stefano Paluello, CTO at Digax Ltd - A self-confessed functional language addict (started with F#, worked with Scala, back to F#, playing with Elm and Haskell), he soon fell in love with Bitcoin and open Blockchain(s) some years ago and moved into the space professionally as of 2014. Currently, he is setting up a next generation, UK based, digital asset exchange.

Lukasz Musial, @Lukasz_musial - Scala Consultant at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Scala-friendly blockchain engineering

This talk is intended to cover real-world blockchains, where a Scala developer might feel familiar in. We will have a look at public and private ledgers (Ethereum and Corda) and explore the patterns and available libraries for writing clients, smart contracts and nodes.

Bio - Lukasz Musial is a Scala Consultant, currently working for Bank of America - Merrill Lynch. With his blockchain-focused projects winning awards (Blockchain Hackathon July, 2017 in London, top 10 finalist in Blockchain Competition November 2017 in Zug, Switzerland) he is deeply interested in applying lessons learned from functional engineering into the blockchain world.

Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed the videos. Keep watching out for the videos from the next meet up.

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