Scalaz 8 A Whole New Game 1 638

Scalaz 8: A whole new game by John A. De Goes at flatMap Oslo

Scalaz 8 A Whole New Game 1 638

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We are still enjoying watching all the talks from flatMap Oslo 2018 so here is another great speaker John A. De Goes on 'Scalaz 8: A whole new game'.


'Scalaz 8 is the latest edition of the popular functional programming library for Scala. In this whirlwind tour, maintainer John A. De Goes discusses some of the hottest features of Scalaz 8, including all of the following: A fast, concurrent, and leak-free effect system, which has small, composable, and powerful primitives for building practical, real-world software; A non-linear type class hierarchy, which permits a more powerful hierarchy that infers well without devastating ambiguous implicit errors; Concise, beautiful, and efficient support for polymorphic values, which generalizes polymorphic functions; A powerful set of testing primitives to make easy work of testing functional code. In this tour, you’ll see how the design of Scalaz 8 was inspired by a desire to provide Scala developers with a principled, performant, and pragmatic library that never sacrifices the safety and equational reasoning properties of functional programming. You’ll see live code snippets that show you how solving complex real world problems is simpler, faster, safer, and more reasonable than in previous versions of Scalaz. And hopefully you’ll be inspired at just how far functional programming in Scala has come in the past decade.'