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Productivity is key

Estee Janssens 396889 Unsplash

We all want to make the most of our day and end it knowing we have been productive by doing all we can within our working hours. However, this unfortunately is not always the easiest task as staying productive can be difficult no matter how focused you are. Therefore, we thought we would give you a bit of a helping hand and we have put together just a few key points to use to help you finish your day how you would like.

Set Goals

If you set yourself a list of goals or tasks for the day then you will automatically begin to be more productive as being able to go through that list and tick off each item will give you a sense of accomplishment. Regardless of the size of the goals just ensure it is relevant to you. Whether it’s clearing off those emails you had been meaning to send or finishing that big project, write it all down and after each step mark it as complete. You will notice how much better you feel once you have a visual task list rather than trying to remember everything in your head.

The Two-Minute Rule

This rule is that if something takes two minutes or less to do then just do it and get it done. This way you don’t end up rushing to complete all the small tasks at the end of the day and it allows you to keep on top of things. With small tasks they can sometimes pile up and become harder to handle meaning you end up spending more time on them at a later date than you would have originally.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

Although many may think it is best to just get as much done as they can, this can often end up having a negative effect such as mistakes happening or feeling frazzled and not working as efficiently as you could. Therefore, it is more important to outline your tasks and go through each of them separately, this way you are giving the correct attention to each task and you may end up getting more done than you would have dipping in and out of different items.

Take Time For You

If you want to ensure that the time you are in the office or working on a project is the most effective time possible then you need to make sure you take time for you to relax outside of this. Whether that’s exercise or spending time with family and friends make sure it allows your body to reenergise and your brain time to switch off. This way when you get started again you will be ready to go and not burned out from over working yourself.

We hope these tips were handy and let us know your best advice to staying productive!