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Our top interview tips

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The interview is often one of the most daunting parts of the job hunt however if you ensure you are prepared in advance then nothing will stop you bowling them over with your knowledge and making that job opportunity your own. Our Signify team has years of experience behind them so we gathered our top interview tips to help you own that interview and get your foot on the next step in your career.

Ryan - Founder

Research the companys competitors and show you are enthuastic about the possiblity of being part of the company. Showing you are willing to research in the interview stages shows you will be willing to put the hard work into the actual role.

Daniel - Senior Consultant

Remember, the interview is a two-way process. As much as they are interviewing you, you are interviewing them too. Be clear in your mind about what you will need to know about them in order to decide if this is the right company and job for you.

Glenn - Senior Consultant

In the interview highlight strengths and understand areas which you feel you can work to improve on. Being able to reflect and show ambition to learn in a new challenging role is a real positive for a prospect employer. 

Victoria - Talent Sourcer

Be confident and slow when you speak. Often when we are nervous we tend to speak very quickly so slow down, think about what you are saying and take pauses. This will ensure you feel calmer and get across exactly what you want to say.

Jack - Senior Consultant

My top tip would be to ensure you research the company and all they do. Study the job description and make note of the aspects which you can discuss with them, this shows you are eager to make an impact on the role and will take the time to learn the about each task you need to complete.

Shannon - Consultant

Use the STAR technique. Situation: What the situation was. Task: What you had to do in said situation / What the problem or challenge was. Action: What you did in response / how you decided to fix a problem. Result: What the result of action achieved.

Carl - Senior Consultant

If you are in the technical stage of the interview then ensure you spend a good amount of time preparing and completing the test to a high standard, dont rush as you only get one chance so make sure the code is right. However, if you make a mistake try to correct it and show that you are able to learn from your mistakes. 

Alex - Consultant

Make sure to mention if you do any open source projects or attend meetups regularly as well as conferences.  Anything which involves the community will be a positive as it shows your passion so if you write blogs, books or follow certain content then talk about it. 

Charlie - Senior Consultant

Arrive early, this not only will show you are reliable and enthuastic but will also help you. If you arrive early you have time to relax before the interview and think about anything you have prepared in advance. 

Rachael - Consultant

I always say to be upfront and honest. If you don’t know the answer to something then tell them but then back it up with how you will find out how to do it, e.g. own research, asking other members of the team etc. This shows a willing to learn.

Susan - Consultant

Be yourself. It is you who they are looking to hire so make sure to show them who you are and tell them your motivations for wanting this role. 

Elisha - Talent Sourcer

If the role requires you relocating then think about it, ask yourself if you can see a new life in the location. List the reasons why it would be a positive this way you know that it is the correct decision for you and you are prepared if they ask you about it in the interview.

Mitchell - Talent Sourcer

If your interview is over telephone or Skype make sure you are ready in a quiet location and have planned enough time to speak as you don't want to be interrupted whilst speaking with the interviewer as it will put you off and may not reflect well. 

We hope these interview tips are of use to you and and good luck if you do have any upcoming interviews!