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Is the culture a fit for you?

People Coffee Tea Meeting

When looking at the prospects of a new role you may often forget to ask yourself ‘Is this workplace right for me?’ and unless you are working a remote role this is one of the most important questions to answer. Regardless of the industry or role you are entering, with the average person spending around 40 hours a week at work you need to be certain that you can imagine yourself within the office environment. Whether it’s the office building, surroundings or your colleagues which will make you content just be sure you don’t think that you may end up waking up every morning and dreading the day ahead.

Therefore we have pulled together a few ways to help you answer this question before saying yes to that job offer.

Think about how you get on with your interviewer

Meeting your interviewer can be your first insight into the company, if you feel you really clicked with them then the possibility is that you may merge well with the rest of the team as the interviewer will likely be someone who you will be working closely with or even your manager. If speaking with your interviewer inspires and motivates you, then you know this could be the role to take, working in an environment where your team motivates you daily will only make it that much more enjoyable.

How did you feel when you walked into the building?

Although everyone will most likely feel nervous, try and think about how you feel once you step inside the building. Remember this is where you will be spending most of your week so whether you enjoy being in a light, open office with glass walls or you prefer a more secluded, smaller environment see how comfortable you feel. The surroundings needs to suit you as well, therefore it helps if you can be honest with yourself and think about whether you could spend everyday there.

Ask questions

It’s always said to go into an interview and ensure to have questions ready to ask. Why not make some of them about the company culture, remember as much as you’re being interviewed this is also your opportunity to decide if the role is for you. Ask the interviewer about their favourite part of the role and the environment, ask if there is any team activities or events outside of office hours which everyone gets involved in.

Know what is important to you

Overall, you need to know what the most important aspect to you is. Once you know this then you can take steps when researching potential companies to find out a bit more about their culture, have a look on their social media and website. What’s their tone of voice? Do they post about activities outside and inside of work? Gaining this role is a step that must be right for you so make sure it suits what you are looking for and need.

What would be you're top tips for figuring out if a company is right for you?