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A Functional Foundation for Event Sourced Apps by Renato Cavalcanti

Tom Van Hoogstraten 134606 Unsplash

Photo by Tom van Hoogstraten on Unsplash

We had a great interview with Renato Cavalcanti (check it out here) Senior Software Engineer at Lightbend and it was great to get his insight. Therefore, we wanted to share this presentation from Renato regarding A Functional Foundation for Event Sourced Apps for you to enjoy. 

"It’s often said in the ES/CQRS community that frameworks are not needed because the basic operations are quite trivial. This is true, as we are going to see during this talk. However, it’s not that trivial to deal with failure, concurrency, and IO. Even less when we are building reactive systems.

It turns out that functional programming offers many constructs that can help us to deal with all those aspects while staying pure and principled. 
We are convinced that a solid functional foundation can lay the path for better abstractions and more expressive modeling."

This presentation was written by Renato Cavalcanti and originally posted onto speakerdeck.