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Small intro to Big Data by Michał Matłoka

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Presented at ConFoo Montreal on March 7th -9th , 2018, Michał Matłoka talks about Small intro to Big Data. Here is a recap of his slides.


Pig, Hive, Flink, Kafka, Zeppelin... if you now wonder if someone just tried to offend you or are those just Pokemon names, then this talk is just for you!

Big Data is everywhere and new tools for it are released almost at the speed of new JavaScript frameworks. During this entry level presentation I will walk though the challenges which Big Data presents, reflect how big is big and introduce currently most fancy and popular (mostly open source) tools.

I'll try to spark off interest in Big Data by showing application areas and by throwing ideas where you can later dive into."

Article orginally by Michał Matłoka, found on SoftwareMill blog.