Typelevel Berlin

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Typelevel Berlin

Signify are thrilled to announce that we are once again Silver sponsors of Typelevel Summit Berlin on 18th May which will be taking place the day after Scala Days Berlin. After sponsoring the Typelevel Summit Copenhagen in 2017 we were certain that this year we wanted to be involved again. This is the sixth Typelevel Summit and it is open to all looking to attend so whether your new and interested in finding out more or you are a current and avid contributor, you are welcome to enjoy the whole day.  Whilst many of the Typelevel projects use somewhat “advanced” Scala, they are a lot more approachable than many people think, and a major part of Typelevel’s mission is to make the ideas they embody much more widely accessible.

With over 10 speakers from Jon Pretty speaking regarding Lifting Data Structures to the Type-level, to Alexandru Nedelcu with his talk about Cancelable IO, the day will be a great opportunity to be involved and further your skills with all things Scala. We are the only agency to specialise in Scala and we are keen to give back to the community and help it grow which conferences like these are great for. So if you’re heading along we hope you have an amazing time and thank you to Dave Gurnell and the team at Typelevel for allowing us to sponsor this event and Zalando for kindly providing the venue.


Will you be heading along to the conference?