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Seth Tisue Interview by Alexy Khrabrov

Pexels Photo 577585

In this interview Seth Tisue answers questions from Alexy Khrabrov about his Scala history, moving from Boston to San Francisco and joining Lightbend, Scala vs. Lisp, the community build, Sculpt, Fortify, NetLogo, and more.


About Seth Tisue

Seth Tisue has a been a member of the Scala team at Lightbend since 2015. He's been active in the Scala community since 2008. Before joining Lightbend, he was using Scala to build the compiler and other tooling for NetLogo, a programming language for students, teachers, and scientists. At Lightbend, Seth has focused on the build and testing infrastructure around Scala. His interests are compilers and interpreters, functional programming, and open-source software.