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Scala Sunday Reads: April 8 #Week 2

Pexels Photo 46274

We bring you the second instalment for April 2018, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’. This week we share some of our best-loved Scala, Haskell & FP learns from around the internet.

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Our first read is from Juan Manuel Méndeza Scala Software Engineer at 47 Degrees. The post is called Real-time Analysis with Google Cloud PubSub and Integration Tests with Docker.


Our second read is from Devon Stewart, a Senior Software Engineer at Twilio. The post is called Introducing Twilio’s guardrail.


Our third read is from Li Haoyi, a Software Engineer. The post is called uJson: fast, flexible and intuitive JSON for Scala. 


Our fourth read is from Flavio Brasil, a Software Engineer at Twitter . The post is called quill-spark: A type-safe Scala API for Spark SQL.


Our fifth read is from Laurence Bird, a Software Engineer at OVO energy. The post is called Boilerplate free testing with Scalacheck and Magnolia. 


Our sixth read is from Leon Mergen, a Chief Technology Officer at . The post is On anonymous networking in Haskell: announcing Tor and I2P for Haskell.


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