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Create a happy home in Helsinki

Finland 2548616 1280

If you’re a fan of the colder weather then Helsinki is the place to be. Despite it being the coldest capital in the world with the average temperature not exceeding 0 °C and 51 days per year without sunlight it is still a beautiful and desired place to settle down in.

Interesting facts to know

  • In Finland there’s a competition where men carry women, so called Wife Carrying Championships. Or if that isn’t quite your thing then why not try the mobile phone throwing competition.  
  • Finland created a National Failure Day in 2010, this was in order to allow people to spend a whole day making mistakes and celebrate how we can learn from them and not repeat them.
  • Between June and mid-September, there are special teams of uniformed men deployed all over the city known as the ‘Helsinki Helpers’. These forces are identified by their green uniforms and are meant to dispense advice or information about the city, the city’s maps and everyday life in Helsinki. So if you spot one you now know who they are!
  • It’s full of history! The Swedish king Gustav founded the city of Helsinki in 1550 so there is a lot to learn about Helsinki.

You’ll not be lost for something to do

Explore the Fort. Suomenlinna is a UNESCO-protected sea fort in Helsinki. Featuring a nature area with centuries-old artillery and defensive walls, spread across 6 linked islands you can head along and take part in an art walk throughout the several art galleries or a guided tour where you will learn all the history the sea fort has to offer.

Shop at Market Square. Here you can buy anything from moose meat to reindeer skin gloves, it is a great shopping destination for Finnish souvenirs. Or if you just fancy sitting by and watching the world go by then grab a coffee and sweet treat from one of the market stalls and sit by the waterfront, named ‘Cholera Pool’. The square is also the location of multiple special events and themed markets such as the famous Baltic Herring Market.

Visit Finlands oldest amusement park. Opened in May 1950 and owned by the Children’s Day Foundation the aim of the park is to raise funds for Finnish child welfare work. Linnanmäki has over 40 rides, many different games, as well as restaurants and cafés. The most popular ride in the amusement park is the wooden rollercoaster, which has been thrilling visitors since 1951. So head along, have fun and feel good that you’re money has gone to a very deserving charity.

The working life

As Helsinki is Finland’s largest city and the capital of the country there are many opportunities to continue your career path and if creativity gets you motivated then be sure to visit the dozen of museums and galleries scattered throughout the Capital. Also don’t worry if the Finnish language doesn’t come naturally to you as Helsinki is great for anyone who doesn’t speak the native language. Majority of the services are in English as well as many of the locals being well versed in English.

Not late nights working your fingers to the bone as in Helsinki it is forbidden to work late nights or weekends unless there is an emergency at work. They see value in working hard during the set 8 hour period and are not about holding unnecessary meetings or activities so you can get your work done and relax when the click strikes home time!

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