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Did you attend Scalar? If not then don't worry as you can still catch up on the talks which took place. So if you didnt manage to make it then check out the videos below from some of the speakers which have been uploaded by Software Mill, enjoy!


Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz - What I learned about Akka streams by making a game with it

Akka Streams is a versatile framework for creating reactive systems. Does it handle supporting an unusual use case of an arcade video game? In this presentation, I will show how such a game may be implemented, and how this kind of stack holds up in terms of scalability and development effort. Most importantly, I will highlight potentials pitfalls when using Akka Streams in low-latency, erratic-input applications.

Manuel Bernhardt - Is there anybody out there?

Welcome to the world as seen by a cluster node! This is a world full of changes in link quality, network partitions and outages. In this talk, you will learn about failure detectors, gossip protocols and split-brain resolvers in the context of Akka Cluster.

Stefano Bonetti - Stream driven development - Design your data pipeline with Akka streams

Akka Streams is a well-known Reactive Streams implementation that helps you build asynchronous, data-intensive applications with no predetermined data volumes. But how would you leverage its full power to design complex, Akka-backed reactive pipelines? At we devised an approach to tackle this problem, combining elements of Domain-Driven Design with the abstraction power of the Akka Streams model. In this talk we'll present our approach by example, discussing useful patterns to (1) reason about your streaming application and identify its building blocks; (2) type-drive the implementation; (3) handle failure and (4) instrument your application for logging and monitoring purposes.

John A de Goes - Scalaz 8 Vs Akka Actors

In this presentation, John A. De Goes looks at several concurrency and scalability problems similar to the ones all programmers have to face, and shows how purely functional solutions written using Scalaz 8 are shorter, faster, easier to test, and easier to understand than competing solutions written using Akka actors. Discover how functional programming can be your secret superpower when it comes to quickly building bullet-proof business applications!

Jan Pustelnik - Real serverless with CRDTS and IPFS

You probably have heard the pun that serverless is just running software on another person's computer. In this talk we would like to show something else - "real serverless" which is running software without any servers in a fully distributed, peer-to-peer manner. The software stack for this example will consist of Scala, Akka's CRDTs and the Inter Planetary File System (ipfs).

Wojciech Pituła - Object algebras and why you won't touch HTTP library ever again

How many times have you reimplemented exactly the same http endpoints in server, client and documentation? How often have you struggled with implementation details of your http library? It doesn't matter if it's Play, akka-http or http4s, in most cases it's the business logic that creates a real value. Let me introduce you to the endpoints, library that tries very hard to solve this problem for you and to object algebras, implementation of the interpreter pattern for those of us who always felt that tagless final and free monads are not so great.

Roman Grebennikov - Case classes ate my ram

Case class is a most widely used way to model your data. But when the data is huge, you can amazingly discover that only a tiny 10% of your precious RAM used for the data itself. But where is other 90%? During this talk, you will have a deep dive into the JVM internals learning about case class layout, Scala collections true memory overhead and ways to decrease it. We'll introduce a scala-packed, the project helped Findify to solve a real-life case of reducing memory usage by an order of magnitude by extending Scala collections with transparent Shapeless-based case class - Array[Byte] packing.

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