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Videos from Scala in the City @ ThoughtWorks

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Scala in the City has a YouTube channel which features videos of our latest talks for the community. This week we feature a short video which gives an overview of our last event at ThoughtWorks, and three talks from this month’s event from

Don’t forget our next event is on Thursday the 26th of April at the uSwitch office. Sign up here as we have limited spaces available.

A quick overview of Scala in the City- March 18 @ ThoughtWorks-

Andreas Koestler, @AndreasKoestler - Senior Software Engineer at Property Partner

Type classes- A principled approach

Type classes were introduced into Haskell in the late 80s to provide a principled form of ad-hoc polymorphism. They have since found wide application in Scala, in applications and libraries alike. From implementing limited forms of dependent typing, to inductive proofs at the type level, to solutions to the expression problem - type classes are a valuable tool in the toolbox of the functional programming practitioner. This talk will look at their implementation in Scala, the problems they solve, and the caveats to look out for when applying type classes.

Bio- Andreas is a freelance Software Engineer with more than 15 year's experience in building products that deliver measurable customer value. He entered the world of Scala's quirky idiosyncrasies 5 years ago. When he is not humbled by his coworkers or his motorbike he is hacking on shapeless and helping to re-home ex racing Greyhounds.

Christopher Batey, @chbatey- Senior Engineer at Lightbend

A tour of Akka Typed

In this talk we’ll go over the new Akka Typed API. The prototype has been around for a while but over the last few months it has been hardened and is close to being marked production ready. We’ll cover: Typed messaging patterns, Typed Clustering, Typed Persistence. Where as it will soon be marked as production ready it will remain API may change for a while so feedback (and PRs :P) on the API is very welcome!

Bio- Christopher is a Senior Engineer at Lightbend. He works primarily in Scala but also spent 10 years writing Java and a couple of years writing Go.

Currently he works on the core Akka team responsible for developing core Akka, Akka Http and Akka Streams. He has previously built trading systems, online television platforms and worked extensively with Apache Cassandra. You can check out his blog at:

Lance Paine, @lbpaine – Scala Software Consultant at Barclays Wealth

The return of the monolith: How we increased throughput by embracing scala on client and server with scala and scalajs.

We'll provide an experience report on how we helped UK Borderforce improve their forecasting of airport load by rewriting a PHP and scala project entirely in Scala, Scalajs and react. With a bit of akka-streams and akka-persistence thrown in for good measure.

Bio: Lance has been writing software for 0x20 years, professionally for nearly 0x14. He has used C++, SQL, C#, Java, Python, Clojure and Scala. He has built database engines, trading systems, dashboards, web-forms and more. Currently writing client on-boarding systems at Barclays Wealth. (

Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed the videos. We will post out next talks in a few weeks for you.

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