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Videos from Scala in the City @ Habito

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Hey All,

Scala in the City has launched a YouTube channel which will feature videos of our latest talks to share with the community.

This week we feature a short video which gives an overview of our last event, and two talks from last month’s event from Bastien Louërat and Juliano Alves.

Don’t forget our next event is on Wednesday the 21st of March at the ThoughtWorks office. Sign up here as we have limited spaces available.

A quick overview of Scala in the City- Feb 18 @ Habito-

Juliano Alves- A Practical Theory of Language-Integrated Query with Quill

Quill is a compile-time language integrated query library with a powerful query compilation mechanism based on the paper "A Practical Theory of Language-Integrated Query". This talk will give an overview of the query compilation, present the Quoted Domain Specific Language (QDSL) approach, and give a quick view of Quill's functionality and internals.

Juliano Alves, Software Engineer @ uSwitch, an open-source enthusiast, has been a firm believer that the future belongs to polyglot and functional programming.

Bastien Louërat- Parser Combinators: A Type-Driven Approach To Input ProcessiEOF

Parsing Is A Truly Fundamental Problem. How Can We Extract And Refine Intelligible Information Out Of The Chaotic And Hostile World We Operate In? The Absurd Nature Of The Task And The Breadth Of Possible Solutions Can Quickly Turn Into An Obsession, Watch Out. The Composability Of First-Class Functions Paired With Powerful Types Can Offer An Extremely Elegant And satifying Approach To Parsing. In This Talk, We Will Build Our Own Parser-Combinators Library From Scratch Using Scala. We Will Make The Most Of The Language By Using All Kinds Of Types, Data Structures, And Other Tricks. May Contain Traces Of Idris, It Depends.

Bastien Louërat, @blouerat , Senior Software Engineer @ Habito Bio- Bastien Found Out About Functional Programming Because Of Scala, Spent Over Five Years Trying To Get To The Bottom Of It But Recently Gave Up To Move Onto Haskell And Purescript. He Is Also Extremely Enthusiastic About Hummous. Tl;DR Of His Talk: More Functions And More Types.

Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed the videos. We will post out next talks in a few weeks for you.

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