The Ascent to Idris by Zainab Ali


The Ascent to Idris by Zainab Ali

Zainab Ali is very well known in the Scala community, she has given many amazing talks over the past few years. Last night Zainab gave a talk at the London Scala user group covering The Ascent to Idris.

Type level programming greatly increases the robustness of our code, but is difficult to express in Scala. Idris, a language where types are first class, is much better at expressing such concepts. But Scala has come a long way in the past few years. This talk takes a closer look at type level programming in Idris and Scala. We start with a basic problem defined using values, and slowly add types to it in both languages. By using singleton and refined types, as well as typelevel functions, we'll rise to the challenge of Idris

We have attached the slides of the talk below for you. 

The Ascent To Idris by Zainab Ali from the 13th of March LSUG meetup-

Article originally found on Zainab Ali Twitter