Sunday Reads

Scala Sunday Reads: March 18 #Week 3

Sunday Reads

Happy Snowday everyone. We bring you the third instalment for March, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’. As always we share some of our best-loved Scala, Haskell & FP learns.


Our first read is from Kelley Robinson, Developer Evangelist at Twilio. This post is called Why the Free Monad Isn't Free.


Our second read is from Chris Birchall, Principal Software Engineer at OVO Energy. This post is called Implementing an event-driven HTTP server with Scala Native.


Our third read is from Sujit Kamthe, Application Developer at ThoughtWorks. This post is called Understanding Functor and Monad With a Bag of Peanuts.


Our fourth read is from Gabriele Petronella, Co-Founder of Buildo and organizer of Scala Italy. This post is called Monad Transformers Down to Earth.


Our fifth read is from Jarek Ratajski, Anarchitect at Engenius. This post is called Beauty and the beast Haskell on JVM.


Scala in the City is taking place next Wednesday the 21st of March at the ThoughtWorks offices. We will hear from Andreas Koestler, Senior Software Engineer at Property Partner on Type classes, a principled approach, Christopher Batey, Senior Engineer at Lightbend on A tour of Akka Typed and Lance Paine, Scala Software Consultant at Barclays Wealth on Scala and Scalajs. Please sign up as we have limited spaces available.


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If you would like to feature in our Scala Sunday reads, please get in touch with the team.