Scala Sunday Reads: March 18 #Week 1


Happy Sunday everyone. We bring you the first instalment for March, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’. As always we share some of our best-loved Scala, Haskell & FP learns.

It’s been a tough week for most of us battling with the snow and the freezing temperatures but looking on the bright side spring is close so temperatures are on the up and brighter mornings/evenings are on the way.  

Thanks again for everyone who made our fist Scala in the City a huge success, we really appreciate the support. Our next event is taking place on Wednesday the 21st of March at the ThoughtWorks offices. Please sign up early as we have limited spaces available.


Our first read is from Jasper van Zandbeek, Freelance Scala Developer. This post is called cats’ IO Monad.


Our second read is from Juliano Alves, Software Engineer at uSwitch, who gave a talk at Scala in the city this week. Slides for A Practical Theory of Language-Integrated Query with Quill


Our third read is from Bastien Louërat, Senior Software Engineer at Habito, who also gave a talk at Scala in the city this week. Slides for Parser Combinators: A Type-Driven Approach To Input ProcessiEOF


Our fourth read is from Tom Harding, Software Engineer at Habito, who also gave a talk at Scala in the city this week. Slides for Scrap your virtual DOM


Our fifth read is from James Philips, Lead Scala Developer at Cambridge Analytica. This post is called Union Types.


Our sixth read is from Alan Devlin, Scala Developer at This post is called NeoVim + Scala.


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