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Best Scala talks of last year by Michał Płachta

Pexels Photo 355948

Michał Płachta,software engineer specialised in developing distributed applications, has put together a list of his favourite talks from last year and we thought it would be interesting to look back over them so enjoy!

Libra: Reaching for the stars with dependent types

A well-crafted introduction to Libra - the dimensional analysis library. Zainab Ali explains why we need dimensions for our numeric values and how this can help us safely send rockets to space. There are sightings of Shapeless, dependent types and lots of educational code examples. Given at Typelevel Summit Copenhagen.

The Design of the Scalaz 8 Effect System

2016’s “Scala Monad of the Year” award went to Free monad. This year the award definitely needs to go to the IO Monad, which destroyed the competition and won by a landslide. In the talk given at Scale by the Bay, John A De Goes describes the design of Scalaz new IO. Based on simple examples he shows how one can communicate with external effectful systems in pure, referentially transparent way.

The making of an IO

Since we have two competing functional-programming libraries in Scala ecosystem, cats also needed the IO! New cats-effect library is nicely introduced by Daniel Spiewak in his Scala.IO talk.