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Scala Sunday Reads: February 2018 Week 2

Sunday Reads

We bring you the second instalment for February 2018, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’. This week we share some details of a new Scala meet up in London, along with a few of our best-loved Scala/FP learns.

The team at Signify is proud to announce the launch of our own meet up called Scala in the City. This event is for anyone who loves all things Scala. The events will discuss challenges, best practices, share past experiences, share new ideas and explore new emerging libraries in Scala.

Our first event will be on held on Wednesday the 28th of Feb, at the lovely Habito offices. We are looking for a third speaker, if you are interested in attending or speaking please follow our Meet up page- Scala in the City


Our first is a YouTube video from Rúnar Bjarnason, Managing Engineer at Takt and author of Functional Programming in Scala. This is his keynote from the awesome Scala World Conference on Constraints Liberate, Liberties Constrain.


Our second read is from Gabriel Volpe, a Backend Functional Programmer in Scala & Haskell. A tale of Tagless Final, Cats Effect and Streaming: Fs2 Rabbit v0.1


Our third read is from Chris Birchall, Principal Software Engineer at OVO,  How virtual MFA tokens work

Our fourth read is from James Haydon, a Software Engineer at Tweag I/O,  Free Monads for cheap interpreters

Our fifth read is from Joachim Breitner, Postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, The magic “Just do it” type class

Our sixth read is from Manuel Bernhardt, Distributed and Reactive Systems Consultant, Tour of Akka Cluster – Eventual consistency, persistent actors, message delivery semantics


Our seventh is from Adam Warski, CTO at SoftwareMill. Comparing Scala relational database access libraries


Our last is a read to help any beginners to learn Scala, with this great compiled list of Scala resources to kick-start your learning. If you need more help also check out, The path to enlightenment. 


If you’re craving more, check out last week’s recommended reading material here and our TOP 25 most popular Scala Sunday Reads from 2017.


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