Sunday Reads

Scala Sunday Reads: February 2018 Week 1

Sunday Reads

We bring you the first instalment for February 2018, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’. This week we share some news from the Signify HQ, along with a few of our best-loved Scala/Haskell learns. We hear a lot of functional Scala developers mention wanting to use Haskell in production but Haskell isn’t as wide spread as Scala just yet so we thought we would help by sharing some learns to the community.

The team at Signify is proud to announce the launch of our own meet up called Scala in the City. This event is for anyone who loves all things Scala. The events will discuss challenges, best practices, share past experiences, share new ideas and explore new emerging libraries in Scala with some of the most well-known faces in the community.

Our first event will be on Wednesday the 28th of Feb, for more details please follow our Meet up page- Scala in the City


Our first read is from Ed Conolly, CTO at OVO Energy, who are building the intelligent energy company of the future. Ed takes A Brief Tour of Haskell for Scala Programmers


The second read is from Philipp Kant formerly of FP Complete, Do you like Scala? Give Haskell a try!


The third read if from Daniel Spiewak, Lead Backend Developer at SlamData, talks about- An IO monad for cats


The fourth read is from John De Goes, CTO at SlamData, Why I'm Excited About Scalaz 8


The fifth is a short YouTube video from Martin Odersky, on Plain Functional Programming


The sixth read is to help any beginners to learn Scala, with this great compiled list of Scala resources to kick-start your learning. If you need more help also check out, The path to enlightenment.


The last read is from Zainab Ali, a Scala Developer at TXODDS, on Peeling the Banana: Recursion schemes from first principles (Haskell)


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