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Scala Sunday Reads: January 2018 Week 3

Sunday Reads

We bring you the third instalment for January 2018, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’. This week we share some news from a few friends, along with a few of our best-loved Scala learns.


We have picked a new book that you should check out, new Scala training in the community, a YouTube video from Martin Odersky, a handful of great blogs from the Scala community and a look at the hiring process with one of our clients Uswitch to help you secure your next role.


First of all, our friend Daniela Sfregola is writing a book on Scala called "Get Programming with Scala" with Manning Books. Now available as MEAP at …


We would also like to announce that another friend Jon Pretty, has announced a new training course for Scala: Advanced Type Mechanics! This will be run at ScalaSphere in Kraków for a discounted rate and in September there will be something unique, the first Scala One Training Retreat in the Lake District!

Jon also Introduced non-English chatrooms for Scala users, which is another great example of how much Jon does for the Scala community, this can be found here-


Simplicitly: Foundations and Applications of Implicit FunctionTypes by Martin Odersky, The YouTube video can be found here.


Luka Jacobowitz on Optimizing Tagless Final – Saying farewell to Free


Awesome SBT plugins for everyone, by Michael Wizner a Scala Engineer at OVO Energy, one of our favourite clients in London.


Finally we take a look at the at Technical hiring process at uSwitch with Lukasz Kopec


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