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Scala Sunday Reads: January 2018 Week 2

Sunday Reads

We bring you the second instalment for January 2018, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’, and we hope you find them as fascinating as we do! This week we give SEVEN of our best-loved Scala articles from the week covering the following topics: the power of Go; Two Scala libraries for Kafka Streams; Scala at Zalando; using Scala to build an AI-Powered Personal assistant; Functional Design Patterns in Scala and more(!), to have you armed with fresh knowledge ready to kick start your impending week with an educational Scala bang. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe below to receive these, every Sunday, before anyone else!


Why Go is skyrocketing in popularity by Jeff Rouse details why Golang leaped from 65th most popular programming language to number 17.

Introducing Two Scala Libraries for Kafka Streams by Lightbend who have developed a few libraries that aim to improve the developer experience through better Scala tooling and enhanced abstraction support for Kafka Streams interactive queries.

Why We Do Scala in Zalando by Javier Arrieta gives great insight in to the power of a functional programming language and is a great example of how one of our favourite client’s engineers help the community.

Using Scala to Build an AI-Powered Personal Assistant: Engineers Tell All explores how Scala is one of the best compromises out there between industry’s needs/capabilities and academic research.  

Akka 2.5.9 Released and 2.4.x End-Of-Life announces a new patch release of Akka 2.5 containing small fixes across the board and continued work on Akka Typed.

Functional Design Patterns in Scala: Monoids by Richard Ashworth shows how a monoid can be used to clean up the implementation of a simple kata.

A Diagram is a functor by PHD student Tai-Danae Bradley is part of a mini-series on limits and colimits within category theory.


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