Sunday Reads

Scala Sunday Reads: January 2018 Week 1

Sunday Reads

We bring you the first instalment for January 2018, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’, and we hope you find them as fascinating as we are! This week we give SIX of our best-loved Scala articles from the week covering the following topics: Blockchain in Haskell; Pure Scala; Akka Http and Kafka Streams, to have you armed with fresh knowledge ready to kick start your 2018 with a Scala bang. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe below to receive these, every Sunday, before anyone else!

Rolling your Own Blockchain in Haskell by Michael Burge, develops a simple blockchain-like data structure, to demonstrate writing binary serializer and deserializer, using Haskell.

Understanding Reactive IO and Back-Pressure with (your own) Akka Http Server by Unmesh Joshi is a detailed description of how to set up Akka HTTP and handle reactive scenarios.

Compiling Scala into Closed Cartesian Categories language using ScalaFix rewriter by Pascal Voitot limits the Scala code to simple lambda expressions on numerics or booleans and shows how you can translate Scala code at compile-time into CCC language using ScalaFix/ScalaMeta tooling.

"Pure Scala... a purely functional subset of Scala"

HTTP Based Interactive Query Layer for Kafka Streams by Lightbend, who have been using Kafka Streams for quite some time now and have been developing utilities that make using the streams library idiomatic and expressive from Scala.

Git Deps for Clojure by Rich Hickey explains the availability of git deps support in Clojure tools.

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