Sunday Reads

Scala Sunday Reads: December Week 2

Sunday Reads

We bring you the second instalment for December, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’, and we hope you’re finding them as fascinating as we are! This week we give you 5 more of our best-loved Scala articles, top job searching methods in Scala and a Christmas wish list to have you armed with everything you could possibly want and fresh knowledge ready to kick start your impending work week. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe below to receive these, every Sunday, before anyone else!

What I Did Not Know About Scala And Its Standard Library by Frank Rosner covers a plethora of topics including; removing tuples from a map; never-ending traversables; partial function domains and much more.

Windowing data in Akka Streams by Adam Warski will answer all questions around implementing time-based data windowing in Akka Streams and the flexibility given in all aspects of the windowing operation.

Introducing Conduit by William Morgan is a new open source service mesh for Kubernetes.

How to build amazing image filters with Python— Median filter, by Enzo Lizama. A fun and straightforward Sunday Read.

The top 7 Javascript frameworks to learn in 2017 details the key attributes of each individual framework although Aurelia has been overlooked – any others you would add to this list?

The Top THREE methods Scala candidates use to find jobs.We asked 1000 people in the Scala community for their top three job searching methods, as we recruit in  17countries across the world, we wanted to know if undiscovered talent could be looking in places we haven’t heard of. If you’re about to search for a new job, it’s worth looking to see where your peers turn to first.


Are you doing Secret Santa in the office and need to buy for a fellow developer but have no idea where to start? Fear not; Signify has you covered! We’ve made life easy for all of you by compiling a list of books to enthral anyone intrigued by Scala.

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