Sunday Reads

This week's favourite Scala Sunday Reads

Sunday Reads

We bring you the last instalment for November, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’, and we hope you’re finding them as fascinating as we are! This week we give more of our best-loved Scala articles, a webinar and a youtube video to have you armed with fresh knowledge ready to kick start your impending work week. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe below to receive these, every Sunday, before anyone else!

Principled Meta Programming for Scala by Martin Odersky outlines a principled way to meta-programming in Scala. It tries to combine the best ideas from LMS and Scala macros in a minimalistic design.

Developing Secure Scala Applications With Fortify For Scala by Seth Tisue and Poonam Yadav is a superb webinar (with slides too) where you will learn all about this plugin and why it was co-developed by Lightbend and the Fortify team, and how it benefits your organisation’s security professionals / CISO office.

So, what’s wrong with SBT? By Li Haoyi explores through a deep analysis why there are so many frustrations within the community around SBT, yet most use it.

Typesafety 102: How safe, type-safe you want (your code) to be? by Saheb Motiani, is aimed at guiding inexperienced programmers, but should be common sense for experienced programmers. Code Snippets and Data Types are in Scala, but the concepts are applicable to other languages as well.

We take you all the way back to 2013(!) when this youtube video was published; ‘The Language of the system’ by Rich Hickey – a brilliant talk with fantastic analogies makes for a fun yet informative Sunday watch!

We’ve been running our recommended Sunday Reads since Sunday 1st October and we’ve been overwhelmed with how well the Scala community has responded to it. We have a healthy number of subscribers; a few people have started submitted their own work and even writing articles specifically for our blog! So, we thought whether you’ve just joined us or been a fan from the start, you would love to know our top 15 most popular Scala Sunday Reads so far.

We hope these enhance your Sunday and genuinely should improve the developer experience substantially. 

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