Sunday Reads

5 Recommended Scala Sunday Reads for your week

Sunday Reads

This is our first ‘Sunday Reads’ for November, and we hope you find our suggestions as fascinating as we are! This week we give you five more of our best-loved scala articles to have you armed with fresh knowledge ready to kick start your impending work week. We’ve also kind-heartedly(!) thrown in a youtube video to reduce your reading time. Don’t forget to subscribe below to have our recommended reads waiting for you every Sunday in your inbox.

Uniting Church and State: FP and OO Together by Noel Welsh, is a throwback from June but it is brilliantly explained and detailed, to help the reader truly grasp the connection between church encodings and reification and free monads. What’s not to love?

Scala real life matters: when to use Akka and also RabbitMQ by Maarten Koopmans is a thorough read, design-like and architectural in nature.

Using Spark SQL and Spark Streaming together by Anatoliy Plastinin, is a working example of how to build and test Apache Spark Streaming Apps with Kafka using Docker.

An interview with Rúnar Bjarnason leading up to his Scale By the Bay talk, explores pivoting into Haskell, influencing Verizon and much more.

This tongue in cheek, honest and helpful write-up ‘Effective Ways to Get Help from Maintainers’ by Michael Snoyberg makes for an informative yet easy Sunday Read.

Watch the opening keynote from Lambda World: Category Theory in Life by Eugenia Cheng

We hope these have enhanced your Sunday and genuinely should improve the developer experience substantially. 

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