Sunday Reads

5 recommended Scala Sunday Reads and an EXCLUSIVE from Martin Odersky

Sunday Reads

We bring you the second instalment for November, of our suggested ‘Sunday Reads’, and we hope you’re finding them as captivating as we are! This week we give you an EXCLUSIVE from Martin Odersky, and five more of our best-loved Scala articles to have you armed with fresh knowledge ready to kick start your impending work week. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe below to receive these every Sunday, before anyone else!

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Plain Functional Programming by Martin Odersky was only released on YouTube yesterday. Watch Martin’s Devoxx 2017 talk before your peers! “Software systems get replaced not when they wear out, but when they crumble under their own weight because they have become too complex.”

Speed Up Compile Times with Zinc 1.0’ by Jorge Vicente Cantero, highlights why performance matters in functional programming with Zinc being the incremental compiler for Scala.

Scala real life matters: the biggest pitfall of them all by Maarten Koopmans, is his second guest post for us, following the success from his debut article. He is spoiling us! Maarten has over 20 years of experience in IT in various roles, and a decade with Scala. 

An Interview with Ben Hindman, leading up to Ben being on the panel next week at Scale By the Bay, here Ben details his Scala journey from life at Twitter to starting his own company. A much easier Sunday Read for you!

Learn React by Building Simple Games: The Memory Grid by Samer Buna is a thoroughly detailed read perfect for those who already know the basics of React.

Industry news: One of our favourite clients, Zalando, has announced the opening of its technology hub in Lisbon, to complement their physical presence in Berlin, Dublin and Helsinki. Read on to find out all about their new tech hub in Lisbon and see which roles we're currently working on for this leading online fashion retailer.


We hope these enhance your Sunday and genuinely should improve the developer experience substantially. 

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