Signify reigns in Spain: our Spanish recommendations


As Signify looks to reign in Spain at Lambda World in Cadiz, we are brushing up our Spanish scala knowledge and transforming into señoritas y señors a la casa de Signify! As gold sponsors of Lambda World, we feel it our duty to understand and grasp the Spanish scala market and share our findings with you.  We highly recommend following the listed Spanish tweeps on Twitter to gain great insights into scala in Spain:

Manolo Carrasco - @dodotis

Laura Castro - @lauramcastro

Juan Manuel Serrano - @juanshac

Emilio - @emiliojpg

Gabriel Rodríguez - @vacanomillo

Jerónimo López - @jerolba

David Gómez G - @dgomezg

Antonio Leiva – @lime_cl

Abdón Rodríguez - @abdonrd

Benjy Montoya - @benjymontoya

Mánu Fosela - @manufosela

Jesús López-González - @jeslg


Recommended Reading Material written by Lambda World Speakers:


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If you love Spain and all things Spanish, we are currently recruiting for clients over there with a number of roles. Our current favourite Spain based job is: 

Scala Developer - Madrid