Scale By The Bay Post

Signify heads to San Francisco to sponsor Scale by the Bay

Scale By The Bay Post

We are thrilled to announce Signify is a gold sponsor of the Data and Scale combined three-day conference, Scale by the Bay. This will be the sixth event we have partnered with in 2017 and takes place on 15th – 18th of November, in the Twitter HQ in San Francisco. Scale by the Bay will be celebrating its 5th year anniversary with 90 talks, panel discussions, workshops and 100 speakers. 

So what’s on the agenda? For the first time in history, you will witness a panel of top engineers who built storage, cluster management, RPC stacks, and engineering glue, to run the largest OSS-based stacks at Twitter and Apple. Most of the panellists started leading engineering companies based on their favourite place in the stack. The 15th is a workshop on Building Reliable Transparent and Performant Cloud Native Applications with gRPC and Istio. The three-day conference then kicks off on the 16th. 

Scale by the Bay is set up as a three track (running simultaneously) three-day conference, famous for production focus and open-source excellence both in data engineering and data science, bringing the two together. If you haven’t already got your ticket, you can purchase one here or you can try your luck and enter our competition to win tickets and return flights for you and an industry friend

Ryan and the team are looking forward to seeing faces old and new and will be representing Signify on a stand for the duration of the event, so ensure you swing by, say hello and grab some swag. Or you could always catch them mingling during happy hour at the end of each day! We can’t wait to see our good friends across the pond and we’re particularly excited about Helena Edelson from Apple, opening the conference. Scale by the Bay wouldn’t exist without Alexy Khrabrov, and we would like to thank him for choosing us as a partner and for putting on another great conference.