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Signify ditched the suits and now we’re donating them

Signify Team Photo

Suits have become a hot topic in the workplace; to stick with them or move on? Are they outdated and stuffy, or classic and smart? Everyone has an opinion.

Here at Signify, we find suits are too stuffy for us folk and not really on par with our brand. Personally, we don’t think suits really suit us, and a tie wouldn’t make us work any harder. Most of us wore suits in our previous jobs, and even here until June, when we decided to ditch the suits and change our company dress code. We've been particularly busy since then, what with recruiting scala superstars across 16 countries, and internally employing 6 fresh faces, we've only just had a minute to update our company photos to reflect who we really are. All the while, our suits have been collecting dust until now when we came across this fantastic campaign that we wanted to share with you.

Suited & Booted has really struck a chord with us and they need suits to help vulnerable, unemployed and low-income men suitably dress for interviews. Suited & Booted always need suits, shirts, ties, cufflinks, belts and shoes. We’ve decide to clear out our wardrobes and donate to this worthy cause. If you no longer wear suits, or maybe you have ones that don’t fit or just lurking around, donate them NOW! Your suit could be the stepping stone to helping a vulnerable person get their first/next job, what could motivate you more than that very thought?