Sunday Reads

Our top Scala Sunday Reads

Sunday Reads

We would like to say these are ‘easy’ Sunday reads but we would be lying! However, they are extremely informative and will put you in good stead for your impending work week, and we’ve thrown in a youtube video to reduce the reading time!  

A very direct piece by Gabriel Claramunt on ‘Basic Category Theory for (Scala) Programmers (Part I)’

Quaich: A "serverless" Scala microframework for AWS Lambda is a throwback from LAST year’s scala world conference but definitely worth a watch from Brendan McAdams 

How to create an Akka HTTP Server by Andres Gazzoli gives you steps for an easier life when developing a server over Akka HTTP from scratch. 

10 things Idris improved over Haskell is a brilliant post detailing some of the pleasant surprises you get testing the water with Idris, coming from the Haskell world. 

We hope these have enhanced your Sunday and genuinely should improve the developer experience substantially. 

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