First Day At Work

New starters: A bingo checklist of first day funnies

First Day At Work

Signify Technology is going through a growth period which has included the hiring of our new marketing manager, Billie, who joined a week ago; a new talent sourcer Jess joins us all the way from Australia, and a few more joining the Signify family in October. So, first day experiences are very fresh in our new starters minds, who have compiled a list of first day funnies we can all relate with.

So, it’s your first day in your new job and we can guarantee at least one of the below you can check off your ‘newbie’ faux pas list! 


  • Making sure you go to bed early enough so you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed for your first day but too excited to sleep and exhausted for your 6am train.
  • Forgetting everyone’s names within 17 seconds of being introduced but too polite/embarrassed/shy to ask again! 
  • Being offered lunch, but you’ve brought your own. What to do? Turning down an opportunity to get lunch and bond with new co-workers may seem standoffish, so save your lunch for dinner. Do not decline!
  • Getting used to new equipment can be a challenge… we’ve all been there! Reaching for the non-existent mouse because you’ve gone from working on a desktop to a laptop and colleagues peering over at you thinking you are a sandwich short of a picnic, is definitely a thing!
  • Adapting to the new preferred temperature of the office which means one of two things; you either come in the next day dressed for summer because you’re sweltering or you sport your winter woollies because air con life really isn’t for you. There will be no happy medium! 
  • Walking around the building twice to find the toilets because you don’t want to trouble your colleagues for directions.
  • Using your oyster card to swipe into the building instead of your work pass – fully aware this doesn’t just happen in a new job and can happen on a regular basis 2 years on!
  • Realising your new colleagues have very ‘unique’ music taste and weighing up how many hours into the new job until it’s acceptable to change the music, while quietly dying. 
  • Nervous rambling in front of your new peers and boss. Who am I? When did the witty confident being turn into a rambling around the houses Hetty?
  • Joining the company WhatsApp group and posting a message to see the ticks turn blue and getting no response, causing you to contemplate your whole existence…

...Maybe it’s just us!

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