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Signify is 1 year old today!

1707008 Sg One Year Birthday Banner 900x600 V2

Our first year in numbers-

Grown to 8 staff

Moved office 3 times

Placed 60+ Scala engineers into new roles across Europe

Successfully placed engineers into 23 different companies including Twitter, ITV, OVO, Deloitte & Zalando

Sponsored 3 events, 3 more to come before the end of the year

Working in 12 countries

Become part of the Scala community, made some real friends

Met Martin Odersky

The only Recruitment agency that specialise purely in Scala

Over 45 thousand first connections on LinkedIn

Received some outstanding testimonials from the tech industry

1200+ Scala Engineers on our database

Achieved our first-year budget

Changing the way people perceive the recruitment industry

Making a real difference to our clients and candidates

Built an awesome culture and platform for our team

Proven training plan for entry level staff

Given the opportunity for individuals to express themselves and succeed

Thank you to everyone for making this possible, our clients, candidates, suppliers and staff you are all amazing.