St Bo D Or

May Consultant of the month

St Bo D Or

Well done to Glenn Holman for his performance in May, Glenn has found some real consistency over the last few months. Glenn managed to place one of the toughest roles we have faced so far, we had been working with this client for over 5 months on this role showing a lot of persistence to finally find them the right candidate. 

A special mention to Charlie Murdoch and Alexandra Staniland who done a great job representing the Signify brand in Copenhagen at Scala Days. Its the first time they have both done this type of event and have only been doing tech recruitment for 6 months and 8 months respectively but have become immersed in becoming Scala experts, super proud of both of your progress, you both made some great connections as well as driving a lot of new innovative ideas we will be implementing over the coming months. 

Jack Clement and Daniel Lawson also won our first retained projects, one in Germany and the other in Dubai. This is a huge step towards Signify increasing our presence globally but also increasing our service offering to our clients. The fact that our clients already trust us to work on roles exclusively or on retained projects proves we are delivering results. 

Well done team, keep up the great work.