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Being a niche specialist has many benefits to our clients and candidates, one of the key things this allows us to do is understand the Scala market to a great depth and most importantly build networks of the best candidates in the Scala market.

Last week we were able to place a permanent Scala engineer into a new role within 9 working days, that’s right 9 working days. We sent his CV to our client on the 17th of Feb, he was subsequently offered the job on the 24th of Feb and started in his new role on the 1st of March as he had already served his notice in his current role. I have been working in tech recruitment for over 10 years and this is the quickest perm placement I have ever seen!

The client is a fast growth start up in the tech space who specialise in providing Data analytics to the Prop tech sector which seems to be booming right now. High five to Glenn and Jack for collaborating on this placement, Glenn for managing the client and Jack for managing the candidate, great team effort guys, another awesome record you both hold.