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Diversity & Inclusion

Signify Technology is proud to be a diverse company, that champions inclusivity.


of those who identify as women, hold senior positions.


of our management team identify as working class growing up.


of our leadership team are racially diverse.

A Black Owned Business

This is Ryan Adam's story on diversity. What did it mean to him growing up? What did it feel like when he entered the tech space? Why did he want to change recruitment?


of our placed candidates are Non-EU Nationals


of our workforce identify as neuro divergent.


countries in our community outreach.

Women In Tech

Signify Technology believes in the importance of an inclusive, diverse workforce.

Since beginning the Women in Tech YouTube series, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to and supporting women around the world, all making waves in the tech industry.

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women interacting in a meeting

Partnerships make a difference...

Whilst having a conversation about diversity and inclusion remains vital, action is needed to prompt change. We work with some outstanding non-profit organisations and have joined forces with other like-minded companies to help promote change in tech and recruitment spaces alike.

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Our Diversity and Inclusion Promise

Everyone has the right to feel safe, accepted and heard. We are diverse by nature. We are inclusive by choice. We are Signify Technology.

As a black-owned and founded business, we have always led with a diverse hiring strategy. We support all races, backgrounds, ages, religions, genders, neuro-diverse individuals and the LGBTQ+ community.

Although we are naturally diverse, we make an active choice to be inclusive towards everyone, every day.

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Black Stories Matter.

Last year, we realised that although we discuss our diversity internally, it isn’t something we often share with our wider networks. That’s why we started Black Stories Matter.

We wanted to take the time to sit down with the black people in our team and speak openly with them about their experiences and share those experiences with you. 

Having the conversation is so important, but we also understand how crucial it is to share and celebrate these stories.

Black Stories Matter
Black Stories Matter

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